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Commercial Cleaning Services

Detail-"a dealing with things item by item".

Some of you may remember "The Good Old Days" where customer service was so important to the survival of any company.  As a young child, I remember riding in the back seat of my dad's automobile. It was exciting to pull into a service station back then, because upon our arrival, several guys would descend on our vehicle.  One would check under the hood, another would clean the windshield and check tire pressure, while another would ask how much fuel you wanted and pumped it into the tank.  My dad never had to leave the car.  Those days are long gone, however, not forgotten. Customer service and going the extra mile is what governs Domestique Touch.  You don't have to lift a finger, just tell us how you would like your cleaning, and we handle the rest!


Does this sound like your cleaning service?   Each year businesses are faced with the same problem, hundreds of cleaning services, yet few understand just what is involved in detailing and commercial cleaning.   Along with Domestique Touch's general cleaning services, the following are some of the commercial services we provide with "detailing" always in mind:


Dusting includes lifting items off tops of desk, cleaning chairs, legs, baseboards, window sills, vents, furniture, mats, runners, machines, ashtrays, telephones, picture frames, walls,  mini-blinds etc.

Polishing includes special woodwork or furniture, stainless steel, water fountains, restroom fixtures, kitchen ovens, stoves, light switches, etc.

Floors include sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, shampoo carpets, stripping and buffing (where applicable) etc.

Trash includes removal of all trash, liners replaced, sanitize trash cans (as necessary) etc.

Glass includes lobby/entry glass, inside partition glass, special service for outside glass, all mirrors, etc.

Dispensers include cleaning and stocking each visit.

Restrooms   sanitized, deodorized, toilets scrubbed, basins, chrome, floors, etc.


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