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  As a young girl, I would go to the fish market with my dad. He always went to the local shop in our neighborhood, never to the large store downtown with the fancy lights and music. The first time I went in with him, I noticed a big machine with curved windows. Inside the machine was different types of fish laying on top of ice. The owner greeted my dad with a big smile and said "I have the perfect one for you today". He picked up a fish which I thought was dead, the fish shook wildly, the owner smashed him down on a piece of wood, took a knife, scaled, cleaned, and wrapped the fish up in a brown wrapper and handed it to my father. My eyes were as big as saucers.

This guy knew what he was doing. He was a professional and had excellent customer service skills. The owner knew just what my dad expected, completed the task, all with a smile. My dad paid him and refused any change back. That was customer service! And my dad appreciated the one on one experience. The large companies focus on quantity, not quality. We know our business, but more important, we know and cherish our clients individually. No two homes are alike. Our cleaning is tailored "The Way You Like It". You only have to tell us once how you would like your cleaning. We provide this service professionally and with a smile.

Welcome to Domestique Touch!
Jan and Harry Wheeler


Professional Services Include:

Completely Clean Kitchen-Cabinets, Appliances, Table(legs), Sink, Back-splash

Floor Maintenance

Vacuum-*Shampoo Carpets, Polish Furniture, Brass, Silver 

Change Linens

High Dusting-Baseboards, Pictures, Lamps, Chandeliers, Blinds, Clean And Disinfect Bathrooms/Restrooms

Empty Trash

Special Services Include

Windows Cleaned Inside /Door Tracks & Screens

Floors Stripped/Polished

Refrigerator/Ovens Inside And Out

Move In/Move Out Cleanings/Apartments

Realtor Showings

Construction Clean-Up

Restaurant Clean-Up

Lite Maintenance/Repairs/Yard Work

*shampoo carpets for regular maintenance or detailing only clients

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